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 Trenchless Training Program - 2019 -

Trenchless Training course for professionals working with all key aspects of sewer rehabilitation and  assessments management.


NEXT COURSE: JUNE 25th-26th, 2019


CCTV Operations  & Software

2 Day course for  Operators, Supervisors and Managers

•   Planning & preparation

•   Operation & maintenance

•   Withdrawal and system reinstatement

•   Recording, reviewing, reporting

•   Software use and capabilities

•   Technology review & demo

Sewer Condition Classification & Coding (MSCC5):

3 Day course for Site Engineers, Assessment Technicians, Managers and CCTV operators

•   WRc certification (validity 3 years)

•   Sewer condition classification in accordance with MSCC5

Sewer Condition Classification & Coding (MSCC5): - Refresher Course

1 day course for Site engineers, Assessment Technicians and Managers, CCTV Operators already holding WRc SCC certification (for 3 years or more)

•   WRc certification  (validity 3 years)

•   Sewer condition classification in accordance with MSCC5 

Sewer Cleaning, Cutting & Robotics:

1 day course for Site engineers, supervisors, managers

•   Technologies familiarization

•   Set-up, handling and operation

•   Safety and hazards

•   Importance in the rehabilitation process

Trenchless Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation :

Courses for Site engineers, Managers and Supervisors

Course I.:Methods, technologies and considerations (1 day course)

•   Review up-to-date available technologies and methods

•   Technologies and Methods - benefits and limitations

 Course II:Inspection, Assessment & Decision making (1 day course)

•   Preparation and effective inspection

•   Handling and assessing reported information

•   Interpretation of data and reaching conclusions

•   Technologies and methods solutions

Course III: Effective Project Planning, Implementation & Management: (1 day course)

•   Project outline

•   Risks assessment

•   Working with stakeholders

•   Analytics, interpretation and decision making

•   Testing, QC & QA

•    Key Steps: pre- & post-works 


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