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Using the extensive experience of our team at JBP Consultancy Services, and the specific expertise of our partners, we focus on providing services in three areas:


  • Pipeline Assessment and Rehabilitation solutions and technologies Using our team's local knowledge and our international experience of the best available systems, we are able to provide solutions to meet the assessment and rehabilitation needs of our clients, ensuring a cost-effective and successful outcome.
  • Trenchless Technologies Training We understand the key importance of providing high-quality training and support, ensuring assessments and solutions are applied effectively in the field. Applying the specific expertise in their sectors we deliver effective training programmes in co-operation with our training partners.
  • Business development support Reaching beyond the borders of the region we are able to offer our clients business development support that will ensure effective deployment of trenchless technologies in the market, and open up networks internationally.

Our goal is to ensure that each and every rehabilitation project is a success



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JBP are delighted to have completed a three-day on-line course in Sewer Pipeline Condition Assessment and Coding fo… https://t.co/EI6byptI7C
Monday, 13 June 2022 10:11